In the World Of Darkness, the influence that the art or practice of Voodoo (or Voudun if you’d prefer) permeates every part of the city’s heart, much like how the sweet scent of cajun cooking hangs longingly in the humid air.

Voodoo symbolism is found on virtually every city street. Chalked on roadside shrines, on gravestones, painted into the signage, on clothing, even tattooed on many of it’s believers themselves in order to ward off evil or charm the spirits to effect their fates.

Catholic symbols; saints, crosses, chalices, altars etc. have been perloined by Voodoo culture and used for centuries as proxies to contact the Loa. Being a heavily Catholic area since it’s founding the trappongs of the church, and thus Voodoo beliefs, are to be found throughout the region.

The practice is almost universally respected by the populace as a religion in and of itself and although the US Government have yet to recognise it as such formally, within the Big Easy the practice holds real weight and significance. Voodoo is a part of New Orleans, and many believe possibly an expression of it’s true soul.

Many Kindred foster an affection for Voodoo practice, tied as it is to a vibrant and intoxicating mix of sex, art and music. Some like to observe Voodoo rituals – albeit from the safety of the shadows – as the passions and expression of heightened mortal emotions can be a reminder of a time when one’s heart still beat with a childlike joy of living.

The Magi seek to make the practices and gatherings more cohesive and draw the real adepts of the art into their fold. However by all accounts this has proved troublesome as Voodoo in and of itself is elusive and changable and refuses to become fettered with the leaden trappings of organization.

Nailing smoke to the wall is perhaps easier than making the Voodoo practitioners of the southern Mississippi obey any single will.


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