The Lupine

From time immemorial the Garou have been protective of the Bayou. Baton Rouge and the surrounding lands maintain one of the highest concentrations of wolfkin in the south.

Consquentially, leaving the city limits after dark is seen as problemtic. The highways are watched and the scent of the undead carries far into the swamplands.

It is possible that many Garou see the storm as a just retaliation by Gaia against mankind’s arrogance in the face of nature but no Kindred has yet got near enough to ask the question and survived.

Surrounding the city is Lupine-held territory. To travel here by land a Kindred risks roadside attack. The Garou have several totem wards that monitor the highways, these lonely roadside shrines seem like the site of an accident, complete with wilting flowers and wishes of sympathy. Many would-be migrants into the area don’t make it as far as the city limits.

Worryingly often, burned-out cars are found when the ever-shifting waters of the bayou give up their secrets.

To all that live in New Orleans there is an shared understanding that the Lupine were here first, they’ve known the delta for generations and they are more than ready to defend it.

The Lupine

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