Mardi Gras

During the crowded Mardi Gras season the hordes of revellers can make privacy hard to attain. The allure of thousands of partying Kine however draws even the most jaded of Cainites out of their lairs.

Breaches of the Masquerade sometimes occur during Mardi Gras which is traditionally held soon after Epiphany. Some of these are easily passed off as the tales of drunken misadventures but at times some incidents are serious enough to alert the attentions of Archons. It is not unusual to spot agents of Justicars walking through the throng, keeping an eye out for lapses of discipline.

However since the events surrounding Katrina, no formal court has been held and what scant cohesion had once been in place around assuring that Mardi Gras passed off without accident now seems to be in tatters.

Mardi Gras is left largely to the mortal authorities to control.

Mardi Gras

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