Jed Jones

A flawed holy man cursed by God to a violent undeath. Survival is no longer the journey, the soul must survive the hunger and be proved worthy.


Jed appears mid 30s, wiry and generally dressed in slightly outdated working clothes (solid boots, jeans and unbleached cotton shirts). Although fairly nondescript and having been a preacher in mortal life, he has something of the air of a gunslinger. In the employ of Israel Stoughton he has a spiffy driver’s uniform, which looks incredibly stylish with a 9mm and a tyre-iron.
He unknowingly harks back to the age of of the warrior-poet Brujah of ancient times. This is purely an accident of his embrace being by the notorious violent outlaw Amos Drayton. (In fact, I played the character before he was killed by Amos. Thanks Mr. Glewcifer, I’ve never had a chance to play a vamp before and after). [At character generation he’s a primarily mental character, the physical power comes mostly from Disciplines]
The key point in the character is that he truly believes in God and that he has been cursed to walk the earth to then be re-judged, while at the same time being prone to uncontrollable thirst and violent rages.
He is overly concerned about not being the centre of attention, which will make any connection with politics interesting.


I hope this you may find this of assistance in your current endeavour.
What follows is our latest file on Jed Jones, now resident of New Orleans. This information has been drawn from many incomplete accounts of people and events over the last decades; most are not verifiable and should be treated as suspect. It is clear that the case history is incomplete; I have requested a review, which I shall forward as soon as it is completed.
Forgive the occasionally florid language, our archivist has developed an unhealthy affection for romantic fiction.
I am, as always, your most faithful servant.
R.B. March 2006

Threat Assesment: vJJ06x102005 : MINOR/MONITOR
There is evidence of the subject suffering sustained episodes of a psychotic and murderous nature, even more extreme than normally expected for his kind. The last of these major episodes seems to have occurred in 1991 over a period of 5 weeks and resulted in the deaths of in excess of 40 humans and numerous large animals (including a cow that was discovered impaled on the lawn of a town church). During these episodes he should be considered dangerous. However, given that it has been some 20 years since the last incident, it was considered suitable to lower the threat rating.
We infer from the subject’s seeming obsession with churches that he still has considerable Belief. Although, his reluctance to enter the buildings show a fear of The Faithful.
The subject spends much time on the outskirts of civilisation and seems to be able to travel the wilds with ease.

Analysis of Case History [Largely Anecdotal – Dates Queried]
“For out of the heart come forth evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, sexual sins, thefts, false testimony, and blasphemies.” – Jesu

The late Reverend Jebediah Jones was a small-town preacher filled with Old Testament wrath and damnation, driven to save the wretched sinners of the Old West. A weakness for strong liquor saw him regularly fall from the grace he would urge in others, he bore this as an original sin; to be held in check and atoned for in the hope of forgiveness at the day of judgement. Having tended to the flock in Animas City (Colorado) for half a dozen years he left for a life of walking the roads, helping those to salvation where he could (it is rumoured he was forced to leave following a drunken bar fight involving a group of blaspheming miners witnessed by the town’s mayor).

Two years of wandering ministrations followed, sometimes labouring for meagre wages, more often having to rely on the hospitality of the faithful to eat and cloth himself. During this time his faith strengthened and on occasion believed himself to be literally directed by the voice of God (although this may be explained by a combination of starvation and exhaustion). At some point on his journey he discovered that his hardiness, faith and quick wits allowed him to earn money signing up with posses, this was not frequent or reliable work especially for an itinerant drunk preacher but it did allow him a few periods of rest in hotels and their bars. In the autumn of 1873 a few such employments came quick one after the other and he found himself with dollars in his pocket, a feather bed beneath his tired back, a pair of new boots set to one side and a half empty bottle of bourbon in his hand.

Another posse was forming in a small town in Oklahoma to rescue a pair of townsfolk from a band of outlaws and Jebediah made his mark despite the fullness of his pocket and the soreness of his head. The other deputised citizens were not entirely to his liking, but that was often the case in a line of work where murderers and ruffians thrived. The wilds that day were full of unholy beasts, at first nothing to see or hear, but an uneasiness in the soul. Before long there was chaos, fur, tooth, claw, screams and blood. That only one man fell at that time was a miracle, a miracle that the Lord himself bestowed upon Jebediah through the good book and his holy words, the beasts fell back in the face of the word and the remainder of the band pushed on. More horror awaited them at the camp of the bandits, only three of whom had survived a terrible beast attack, presumably the very same that had assaulted the posse. But no, they claimed it was a man, a stranger who had sought company and to share the fire for a night. The bandits, terrified, surrendered to the posse on condition of an immediate return to town. One of the bandits dies of his wounds before moving was possible and another was so gravely wounded that a litter was required for the journey. Managing to return to the town shortly after nightfall in a heavy storm, it soon became clear the stranger had followed the group… and he was no man.

No-one in the town survived to see the morning, it was the breaking of the Reverend Jebediah Jones and more terrible to him than damnation to the pits of Hell.

And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works – Revelations 20:12

Jebediah fell from conciousness after seeing most of his companions felled by the ferocious vampire. Sacred visions followed, he was found unworthy. Cast to purgatory to serve his punishment, there he met Caine son of Adam who told him of a way to gain forgiveness for his sins, it would be hard beyond reckoning but it was hope. Jebediah woke from a fever believing himself to be cursed to walk the earth for 500 years without dying with an insatiable hunger that must be tamed.

“…You will walk forever in Darkness, all you touch will crumble into nothing, until the last days” – Uriel to Caine

His new situation of undeath was all he needed to fully validate the visions as true and real, he had been cast out by God and given a seemingly impossible chance of redemption. He was horrified by this and has been tortured by this concept every waking hour.

His sire, Amos Drayton, was a cruel beast, lacking in humanity. It seems he was using Jebediah as a link to the line of Seth, whose hearts he no longer knew. Jealous and demanding, his sire never let Jebediah out of his sight for decades and submitted him to violent humiliations while teaching him to be the monster he had become. Always sticking to the wilds but drawn by violence and conflict, they wandered the old west for 40 years as it was tamed and became new and more travelled. The west was not once it was and the pair were struggling to stay anonymous, from both kindred and kine, when the great war broke out in the old world and they left on an adventure in search of blood and death.

Amos and Jebediah arrived in Cadiz in March 1915 after a long but uneventful sea voyage, hungry and in a strange city of powerful kindred they had no choice but to present themselves to court, this was the first such occasion in Jebediah’s life and made for a very unusual introduction to the politics of vampires. They stayed for as short a time as was acceptable and travelled to northern France by foot, feeding and sleeping wherever they could feel safe, following overheard rumours to find the soldiers and bloodshed. In late April they reached the British army lines, infiltrating with the help of the uniforms of a drained pair of infantrymen. They fought fiercely not caring who fell before them, but somehow they generally aided the British cause, or at least did not hinder it greatly.
In January 1917 after fighting for almost 2 years they were caught in a night-time assault amidst wild artillery fire, Amos disappeared in a bright conflagration. Jebediah continued fighting through the early hours but did not catch even a glimpse of his sire. When the mortals had ceased their killing and retired to their cold muddy dens, Jebediah walked the killing ground seeking his master but found no sign. A full month he stayed in the vicinity searching and killing with a slowly growing feeling of terror and elation… he was free. The beast that was Amos had no hold over him any more, the beast that was Jebediah was now responsible for his own actions.

Countless lives had passed by his hands under the demands of his dreadful sire, but no more. He foreswore the killing and the blood and set out to seek the Angels of Mons. He had heard of the Angels throughout the time he had spent alongside the British troops. Said to be heaven-sent protectors of the righteous, they appeared and saved the lives of soldiers from the enemy when there seemed no hope of victory. Jebediah was drawn to seek the holy warriors in hope of finding a way he could use his power to serve a righteous purpose. Yet, he was fearful of attracting the His further displeasure so went quietly.

Jed Jones

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