Sabbat Pack Leader


Clan: Lasombra


Radni was born in India to a low caste family in Calcutta sometime in the mid 1800s. Or so it is suspected at least. She was raised in abject poverty and lived by what she could scrape together by begging on the streets.

In recent nights has struggled to accept the opulence of the modern world. The excesses and comforts taken for granted by Kine and Kindred alike are at times abhorrent to her, brought up as she was without regular food or clean water.

On becoming a Vampire, Randi saw another world view. A perspective of predator and prey, not unlike the stratified system of religious castes in her native India or the “haves vs-have-nots” culture of modern America. She saw a way to live outside of the shackles of finance, to exist by strength of blood, and the Sabbat would be her tool to achive this. A ruthlessness born from of the necessity of daily survival has grown into a cold, logical mindset where only those who can do what is needed to survive – whatever that is – deserve to hold onto their life, or unlife.

She has an almost feral look in her eye, being naturally quick witted and alert to threats she was an obvious choice for the Sabbat to turn. This ability was born in the slums of Calcutta yet since has been further honed by surviving many interscene pack battles over many years.


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