Night Music

A mad half hour, or playing with your food? Augustine's account of events

Now remember something VERY important: this is my perspective of the events that happened. Memories play tricks on you and sometimes, even you senses.

New Orleans, with its overbearing humidity and wandering spirits remind me of the Motherland, Argentina. It has become home. I emerged from the garden of Israel’s house with absolutely no idea of the events that followed- or the consequences… Que cagazo…

I knock on the old cook’s door and soon after I am let in by Israel’s companion…
I thank her, and let her get back to the office to continue her duties. I take the book in the small room, which I finished late last night. I like this room. The cook was fairly content with her life here…for the most part.

“The wind in the willows” mildly perturbs me by the naive portrayal animals of the sleepy English countryside… surely they have sanitized the wildlife to allow the humans to sleep at night. I return he book to the shelf I borrowed it from, before I look for the others to let them know I’m off to feed… it may even be her book, now I think about it. Israel’s literary tastes sit more on a scientific vein.

He misses so much by ignoring the stories. He thinks too much. If he wasn’t blessed with the spirits speaking through him, he’d be unbearable. He may not have the ability to be completely cohesive with his spirits, but at least he’s not interested in politics. Politicians. Chupamelo!

I shake my head as I head for the attic, Israel’s laboratory. It turns out we all need to fed, and for once, we head out together. Jed seems about to take one of Israel’s cars, to chauffeur him no doubt. We notice that there is a white BMW parked in front of the main gate. The three individuals stink of gang member… closer inspection reveals that they are The Doodie Boys.

The sudden silence from the music and noting the half concealed semi-automatic weapons adds to the oppressive air of the night as we approach… Israel is slightly behind, as he does his usual dance of dodging puddles. The stern presence of Jed is close behind me as I call out to them “hey Hermanos! what’s up?” Their obvious tension is shown in their skittish movements, as one of them asks if Israel is present. A paper envelope is produced and they hand it over, get in the car and leave… the music, engine and swaying of heads all seem to start at the same time and there presence echoes off into the distance. I have taken note of the number plate.

The invitation is formal, and gets a nod of approval from Israel. A meeting at St. Augustine’s Chapel. Tonight. I momementarily smile at myself at the name. St. Augustine’s Church is a Catholic church in the Treme district. I wonder if it is the same one.

I suggest we walk to feed… which involves more puddle-dodging as we go past the rows of similar manicured gardens. We get to the streets where we can hunt. not our normal grounds, or habit… especially me…

Street corner. Liquor store. A couple of teenage prostitutes touting in the spill of the lamplight. The pimp in a gaudy car next to them. His bodyguard leaning on the next lamplight. Another gang member, this time 3NG. Israel simply takes one of the prostitutes to somewhere private. Money takes the hunt away. I don’t get it. Jed goes into the store and comes out again a few minutes later… I can smell the liquor on his clothes from across the street. He disappears down a dark alley.

At this point my reasoning escapes me. As does my patience. Subtlety. Awareness of my surroundings. My perspective. Have I lost these things due to the pimp using children for his vile trade? was it just frustration for things not going smoothly? Pride? Did the Spirit Beast within demand a blood sacrifice right there and then?

I decide to go straight to the car and start swinging. He dodges reflexively, and calls out to the bodyguard, who pulls out a pistol and hurls abuse. Some left hook. I back off, head for an alley, and climb a building and jump a few roofs, taking a wide circle until I am four stories above them, as they still tell their stories about how they fended me off.

Why I didn’t just note down the plate of the car and wait until he got home, I will never know.

I jump off the roof, onto the bodyguard… my boots impact at his shoulders and carry on until they reach his hips. My ankle hurts. The pimp is still in the car and I swing at him again, through the open window. I miss. He shoots. I get impatient. I grow my claws and rake his face. He’s still alive, and I have a bleeding body at my feet.

People from this side of the street are running. People from the other side of the street are scattering and making noise. I pick up the broken body and it takes considerable will to pick it up and place it in the hood of the car. I manage it, just before someone from the store comes out. I mumble something about gang members and calling the police. He goes back inside.

I remember the other prostitute. I catch her scent and run for her. She almost makes it to a porn shop in some back alley. I notice the security camera in the neon light, and tempt her back into the darkness with some Heroin I have on me… Off some parasite of the community a week or so back… She comes back into the shadows, Heroin for a kiss’I remember to lick the wound, and trust that the mortal will forget what has recently happened- the poor health,the heroin addiction, the effect on mortals when we feed does confuse their memories…

I take her inside the porn shop and pay the teenager to call an ambulance, and head back outside.
I now pay attention to Jed, who appears from the shadows, he looks better. I assume he has fed. he and Israel had followed me, when they heard the shots. Israel looks better too. He is slightly behind, due to the perilous puddles lurking in the alleys… What spirits lurk in them I wonder?

At this point, I confess to them my messy eating episode. Jed takes control and says that from now on, if anything like this happens again, we should tell the others immediately. We quickly realise that the car has a body that CSI forensics will find a little too interesting… And this is where I see Jed use his nature to gain the trust of the police, to take the car and pimp away from the scene. We drive away and I sit behind the pimp. I am VERY quiet…



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